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Quesos La Peral

La Peral

Estrella La Peral

Prepared with cow's milk from the green meadows of Asturias

Estrella La Peral is a straw-coloured pasteurised cow’s milk cheese, with selected lactic ferments and noble moulds which provide their characteristic blue speckles.

It is a semi-blue cheese when young, with a delicate flavour and a great bouquet. It completes its transformation into a blue cheese with the passage of the days, acquiring its full, slightly spicy personality, while never losing any of its unctuosity or bouquet.

In Quesería La Peral we blend latest technology with careful artisan work.

FORMATS: 400g., 800g. and 2Kg.


“Silver Award” International Cheese Awards 2010
Asturian Center of Madrid "Urogallo Especial" 2010
6th Trade Fair and 2nd Official and International Agricultural Exhibition of 1929
National Livestock, Related Industry and Agricultural Machinery Competition 1926