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Quesos La Peral



Prepared with sheep´s milk and matured in a natural cellar

“Peralzola” cheese, in the same way as La Peral, belongs to the blue cheese family.

It is prepared with the best selection of sheep’s milk, making it the only cheese of its kind in Asturias up to the present. It has a very personal character, different from the unmistakeable seal of La Peral. The maturing of its ivory white colour with blue veins results in a balanced cheese of excellent quality, rich in flavours, smell and aromas.

FORMATS: 800g. and 2Kg.


“super Gold Award” International Cheese Awards 2011
Cincho de Plata VIII Concurso Nacional and II Internacional de Queso 2010
Winner of "Certament Mejores Quesos Españoles" 2011
gourmetquesos copia
Winner of "Gourmet Quesos" Los mejores quesos de España 2018