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Quesos La Peral

The Cheese Shop

An Artisan Cheese Shop, almost one Hundred Years Old

Quesería La Peral is a family cheese shop founded in 1923 by Antonio León Álvarez, preparing since then La Peral Cheese –with cow’s milk– and Peralzola Cheese –with sheep’s milk– in a handcrafted manner, both these being blue cheese, with noble mould and matured in a natural cellar located under the cheese shop itself.

The well-chosen combination of the latest food technology in its installations, tradition and artisan care in its preparation, make our cheese a product with great personality, highly appreciated by consumers due to the delicacy of its special bouquet.


Artisan elaboration


Unique and inimitable taste


Best raw materials

From the Mountains of Asturias, looking towards the Cantabrian Sea...

La Peral is a small village of the council of Illas, in Asturias, located in the natural environment of green pastureland, on the hills of mount “La Garita”, en-route to La Reigada pass, 600 metres above sea level, from where we look at the blue waters of the Cantabrian Sea.